From Farmers to the World.

Mahorahora is dedicated to building a sustainable business by introducing local arenga sugar from Indonesia to a wide audience.

From Farmers to the World.

Mahorahora is dedicated to building a sustainable business by introducing local arenga sugar from Indonesia to a wide audience.

Partnering with farmers to produce high-quality products.

Mahorahora is a sociopreneur in the field of regenerative forestry that focuses on empowering farmers and communities to produce quality arenga sugar that is well received in local and global markets.

To actively empower farmers and local communities, advance agricultural products, and add value across the entire supply chain to help enhance and level up Indonesia's economy.

How Mahorahora assist Indonesian farmers

Discover how we enhance the well-being of farmers and deliver high-quality products to our consumers.

Petani Mahorahora Gula Aren
Mahorahora Gula Aren

Mahorahora Pure Arenga Sugar: A Healthier Sweetener Option

Mahorahora pure and organic arenga sugar has a low glycemic index (<55), which means it does not cause blood sugar spikes.


Hygienic Manufacturing Process

Processed with Maintained Quality Control.

Low Glycemic Index

With a low glycemic index (35-45), it is better for our body.


Arenga Sugar Powder Stick


Mahorahora Economy Pack, 1 Liter of Liquid Arenga Sugar and 1 Kg of Powder


Mahorahora Economy Pack, 1 Kg of Arenga Sugar Powder and 250 Grams


Mahorahora Economy Pack, 1 Liter of Liquid Arenga Sugar and 500 Grams of Powder


Paket Hemat Mahorahora, Gula Aren Cair 1 Liter (2 pcs)


Cafe Package, More Economical, 5 Packs of Mahorahora Arenga Sugar Powder, 1 Kg each.


Mahorahora Arenga Sugar Powder, 1 Kg.


Mahorahora Arenga Sugar Powder, 500 Grams


Mahorahora Arenga Sugar Powder, 250 Grams


Mahorahora Arenga Sugar Powder, 150 Grams


Mahorahora Liquid Arenga Sugar, 1 Liter.


Mahorahora Liquid Arenga Sugar, 350 mL.


Natural and pure for a more delightful taste and aroma.

Let's get creative with Mahorahora's pure palm sugar! Add life to your dishes with a natural and sweet touch. Experience the deliciousness of palm sugar in every bite. Be part of the culinary trend with Mahorahora's palm sugar and create unforgettable culinary experiences!


Resep Carrot Pineapple Cake


Resep Ginger Bread Blondies


Resep Almond Pineapple Cookies


Resep Ginger Banana Bread Gula Aren


Resep Velvet Choco Pudding Mahorahora


Resep Black Sesame Oatmeal Cookies


Resep Mango Lassi ala Mahorahora


Resep Classic Peanut Butter Cookies


Resep Oat Rasin Bread Gula Aren


Resep Apple Streusel Muffin

Resep Putri Mandi Gula Aren Mahorahora


Resep Apple Streusel Muffin Gula Aren


Resep Puding Ogura Gula Aren

Resep Ricotta Choco-Chunk Cookies


Resep Puding Cincau Mocha Mahorahora Gula Aren

Resep Kue Lumpur dengan Mahorahora Gula Aren

Resep Es Dawet Selasih Gula Aren


Resep Sticky Date Pudding Mahorahora


Resep Tahu Acar Mahorahora Gula Aren

Resep Es Cincau Gula Aren

Outstanding Testimonials from Our Customers


Customer Tokopedia


Since the first time I bought Mahorahora Arenga Sugar, I have been satisfied with the product quality and service. Have bought here several times. Friendly seller and fast order processing. Recommended seller and product!


Customer Tokopedia


Ever since I was a little I lived in a village where many neighbors produced pure arenga sugar, I can guarantee that Mahorahora is 100% pure arenga sugar. Not mixed. Because I am very sensitive to sweet tastes, I can distinguish between arenga sugar, coconut sugar, granulated sugar, granulated sugar mixed with coconut sugar, stevia sugar, and others. I guarantee that Mahorahora is 100% arenga sugar. I say this because there is a brand of arenga sugar which other sellers claim to be a pure arenga sugar, but it turns out to be a mixture.

Sandy Abdilla

Customer Tokopedia


The best arenga sugar, practical and delicious. Very suitable for any kind of drinks and cooking. I really like having oat meal mixed with fruit and sprinkled with Mahorahora arenga sugar every day. I used it for mixing coffee, chocolate milk, cappuccino, etc. Easy to use and practical. The best ❤️

Djaka Permana

Pensiunan ASN (Dosen UI)

Tangerang Selatan


Mahorahora Arenga Sugar tastes good and smells good. Since I like arenga sugar, my wife also cooks at home using arenga sugar. My kids, in-laws, grandchildren all end up using Mahorahora Arenga sugar. 

Vania Samperuru

Baking Lovers


I always use Mahorahora's Arenga Sugar for baking because of its strong and natural caramel flavor and aroma. Additionally, Mahorahora's Arenga Sugar is also my secret seasoning for Korean-style food. Anything Korean-related, Mahorahora is the way to go!


Pengusaha Catering


I fell in love with Mahorahora because it is more fragrant and tastier. In some cake ingredients, you need to use Mahorahora Arenga Sugar. If the stock at home runs out, my husband always asks to order more.




When I made fried rice, I decided to try using Mahorahora's liquid Arenga Sugar as a substitute for soy sauce, and it turned out to be delicious. Even though my family initially laughed at the idea, they ended up asking for an extra plate after trying it. I love using it for arenga sugar milk; it's absolutely irresistible.


Traditional Herbal Beverage Enthusiast


My favorite drink, such as Wedang Jahe (ginger drink), becomes even more enjoyable with Mahorahora's Arenga Sugar. Mahorahora's Arenga Sugar has a distinct sweetness!


Private Sector Employee

Tangerang Selatan


Since becoming pregnant, I've been hesitant to use regular sugar as a sweetener in food and drinks. Especially if it's not natural, it makes me worried.
But ever since I discovered Mahorahora's palm sugar, I no longer worry because it's natural, high-quality, and beneficial. It also doesn't cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Thank you, Mahorahora.

Restu Tri Ranesha

Karyawan Teknik

Jakarta Timur


My first impression of Mahorahora's arenga sugar packaging was that it was good and elegant. Then, I recommended it to my nephew, and it turns out the taste was perfect for children, and he liked it. He kept asking for more whenever I made milkshakes with Mahorahora's arenga sugar. 🤭

Roy Sayoga

Private Sector Employee

Jakarta Selatan


Mahorahora's arenga sugar is perfect for the drink recipes I sell. It provides a naturally sweet taste that is truly delightful.
Mahorahora's customer service is known for being quick and responsive, and they handle customers exceptionally well.
The delivery is secure, always wrapped in bubble wrap, and fast, especially for someone like me in South Jakarta. Thank you

Nyemas Henny

Civil Servant

Kalimantan Selatan


I am a coffee lover, and I usually use arenga sugar to sweeten my coffee.
I often buy palm sugar, but Mahorahora's arenga sugar has a smoother and richer taste. Additionally, its texture is finer compared to the palm sugar I usually purchase.
Indeed, Mahorahora's arenga sugar is undoubtedly healthier because it is pure and organic.

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