The Tremendous Potential of the Arenga Sugar Market

Every year, the Indonesian population consumes more than 7 million tons of white sugar. Only about half of it is produced domestically.sds

Every month, approximately 1 billion cups of coffee are consumed by the Indonesian population, with a significant portion of them being sweetened coffee.

Arenga Sugar Milk Coffee has become a trending product. It is the best-selling item in almost all cafes. This indicates that the Indonesian population has a strong preference for the taste of coffee with Arenga sugar as a sweetener.

Several well-known coffee brands have also released variants of Arenga sugar coffee, both in Ready To Drink format and sachet packaging.

In addition to coffee, Arenga sugar is also highly suitable for various foods and beverages, including traditional dishes and drinks.

Healthy lifestyle patterns have also become increasingly trendy lately. More and more people are reducing their consumption of white sugar and seeking healthier alternatives for sweeteners.

Healthy lifestyle patterns have also become increasingly trendy lately. More and more people are reducing their consumption of white sugar and seeking healthier alternatives for sweeteners.

Consuming Arenga sugar = Preserving Cultural Heritage

Petani Mahorahora Gula Aren

• Arenga sugar is a traditional sweetener used by the Indonesian community for various traditional foods and beverages for hundreds of years.

• Since ancient times, arenga sugar has also been consumed by farmers and some members of the community as an energy booster before engaging in activities.

• The arenga palm tree is one of the trees mentioned in the "Babad Tanah Jawi," a Javanese literary work in the form of tembang macapat, which contains the history of the island of Java.

• In various regions of Indonesia, there are rituals performed to preserve and honor the arenga palm tree, including in Banyuwangi, Minahasa, Batu Sangkar, Garut, Bali, and others.

• The arenga palm tree is considered to have many benefits for humans. In fact, in Bengkulu, there is a legend called "Putri Sedaro Putih" that honors the arenga palm tree.

Consuming Arenga Sugar = Contribute to the Well-being of Farmers and Food Security.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (Badan Pusat Statistik), in 2021, the workforce in the agricultural sector experienced the largest decline compared to other employment sectors.

The difficulty in regenerating the productive-age farmer population is attributed to the lack of interest among young farmers. This is primarily due to the challenges they face in accessing markets to sell their agricultural produce.

Mahorahora collaborates with farmers in the Gunung Halimun Salak National Park area to empower and harness the potential of arenga farmers in the region.

The goal is not only to ensure the well-being of farmers but also to increase the interest of young farmers in contributing to food security.

Mahorahora Aims to Produce Healthy, Delicious, and High-Quality Sweeteners While Also Creating Social, Economic, Environmental, and Cultural Impacts.

Mahorahora is also aligned with the 8 initiatives with Sustainable Development Goals.

Mahorahora Produces High-Quality Arenga Sugar.

• Mahorahora produces pure and organic arenga sugar made from carefully selected sap. It is processed naturally.

• It has fine granules, low moisture content, and high solubility levels.

• It comes in practical, hygienic, and premium packaging.

• It is healthier with a low Glycemic Index (GI) compared to white sugar (arenga sugar has half the GI of white sugar), thus preventing blood sugar spikes. 

• It contains vitamins and minerals. 

"Used for coffee, it's clean. Not overpowering. I tried it with various types of coffee, hot and cold... it tastes delicious!" - Mira Yudhawati, World Coffee Judge.
Gula Aren Mahorahora menjadi pemanis yang dikenal luas oleh masyarakat Indonesia dan dunia sebagai pemanis yang lebih nikmat dan sehat